Out of all of the Dodge Challenger's features, fuel economy might be the most surprising of them all. Despite performance, capacity, and weight, the sports car lives up its EPA estimates.

The base 3.6-liter V6 base automatic and manual versions are optimized by 87 octane, and the more formidable, manual V8s require high performance fuel - give it some 91 and watch it conquer the road. According to real world consumption numbers, the Dodge is capable of traveling 100 miles on just over 4 gallons. That equals out to roughly 25 combined city/highway miles.

The premium gas question tends to come up whenever the Challenger is discussed. Choice of fuel quality is up to the driver, but the Challenger SXT, SXT plus, and the GT all accept regular unleaded gasoline. With a tank size of almost 20 gallons, fuel won't be an issue.


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