New Dodge Challenger Stops Almost as Fast as it Starts

There are a few muscle cars on the road that are as well-known and appreciated as the new Dodge Challenger. This iconic and popular muscle car is known for under the hood chops, and the newest iteration offers five separate power plants that live up to this promise. This car can take-off like no other, but it also includes braking technologies that allow it to stop almost as quickly as it starts.

The Dodge Challenger sports brakes with vented front and rear rotors that measure 12.6-inches in area. This innovative design promotes extra stopping force while dissipating heat at higher rates. Challenger RT and GT versions up the ante with a track pack design that boosts the rotor size to 13.6-inches and adds 2 dual-front sliding piston calipers.

Drivers can also benefit from the high-end, 4-piston Brembo technology. These devices feature 13.8-inch vented rear rotors with slots and 12.2-inch front rotors as well. High-end rotors allow this braking setup to bring this vehicle to a full-stop from 60-mph in only 117-feet. Dodge charger Hellcat SRT Redeye versions up the ante yet further. They also feature Brembo calipers but increase the size to 15.4-inches distributed between twin rotors. Combined with calipers that field 6-pistons, this configuration provides yet higher levels of stopping force.


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