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Step Inside of the Bold 2017 Jeep Renegade!

If you feel like your current vehicle is lacking style and performance, this can get quite discouraging. You may want an SUV that is able to conquer the outdoors here in North Tazewell, VA, but still be able to utilize some of the modern features that make driving more convenient. This is exactly why the 2017 Jeep Renegade is a great choice. You get a unique and trendy style with the performance that makes the vehicle capable for those outdoor adventures, but you also get the technology that can make your travels a lot easier...

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Uncommon Items for your Roadside Emergency Kit

While the obvious items for your roadside emergency kit include food, water, and automotive repair items, there are a few other items that can keep you safe and comfortable in case of an emergency.
Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit in your car is an often overlooked but an absolute necessity. Keep in mind airway, bleeding, and stomach issues when putting together your med kit.
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Get Your Brakes Inspected Regularly

Brakes is a necessity on any automobile. We rely on those to slow down at lights or stop signs, or to stop suddenly should the need arise. Without properly working brakes, an accident is almost certain. Brake pads need to be changed over time. Brake rotors need to be turned sometimes. That all boils down to how long you have let your pads grind down to nothing. Sometimes your brakes can squeak, grind when pressure is applied, or even a vibration felt when you press on the brake pedal. This is why you should let our service department check your…
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Fix Any Crack Or Break In Your Windshield

As you may know the windshield is one of the most fragile parts of any vehicle. Due to the fact that it is made from glass it can often crack or break. When it cracks or breaks it can cause for unsafe driving conditions for you and others on the road. It is important to know that even the smallest crack can be a problem.

Since even small tiny cracks can be a problem it is important to have your windshield checked if you notice any breaks or cracks. Should your vehicle suffer any cracks or breaks call our service…
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Synthetic or Conventional? Know your motor oil.

To keep your engine running smoothly and dependably, it is important to change the oil in your motor regularly. Draining the dirty oil out and replacing it with fresh oil on a routine basis will help keep your vehicle running in top condition. But do you need synthetic or conventional oil?

Synthetic oil is created in a laboratory using various chemicals, while conventional oil is regular, natural oil mixed with some additives. Your vehicle owner's manual will suggest the appropriate type of oil for your vehicle.


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